5 Best CPS Tester, Jitter Click, Kohi Click, Spacebar CPS Test

5 Best CPS Tester, CPS Counter, Click Speed Test

Are you familiar with the CPS counter test? In case you are going through a stressful condition or even getting bored or desire to kill your time then you can give a try to CPS tester. CPS stands for click per second which is based upon a calculation of mouse clicks that is done in a particular time limit. This is the test that is quite similar to a game when you can click several times to break the record of the highest possible scores. The average given time to achieve the target is 60 seconds. This is the technique with which one can check the ability of fast click and even check the score.

The outcome of the test is to identify the actual CPS rate. The higher is the percentage of CPS, the better is the result. This is a click speed test that follows an actual consequence while playing with the CPS. This is the test that efficiently runs on laptops or computers.  The timer of the website is set to 5 seconds. Howsoever, you can switch between the time frames such as 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds. The change can vary up to 100 seconds and the time discrepancy at the menu is quite accessible at the right sidebar of the webpage. You need to challenge yourself in terms of duration to accomplish your goal.  The result would be quite funny and interesting too because the click speed can be easily compared to any animal speeds that you desire to compete with. The CPS test follows a few of the steps that are found to be simple and convenient.

1) https://cpstest.org/

2) https://cpstester.com/

3) https://cps-tester.com/

4) https://clickspeedtest.com/

5) https://www.clickspeedtest.info/

Browse the website and scroll down to the “Click Speed Test” button followed by the click on the “CPS tester” on the screen to begin the testing game. Once you have hit the button the countdown begins followed by as many possible clicks you can make on the screen within the timeframe with the use of the mouse. Once the timer gets up, your maximum click gets recorded one over the other and the final score gets displayed on the screen.

How many clicks per second will provide a good result?

CPS tester is the sort of game that allows you to test finger speed over mouse to define the actual speed over your mouse buttons. The faster one clicks, he or she breaks the records. It has been evaluated that the test is managed to click between 5 to 10 clicks per second. It is completely dependent on you that how fast you can click.

This is a sort of unique game that is played on several websites and some of the serious gamers try to compete as the fastest mouse clickers. Most of them get astonished to know that there are world record holders for the quickest mouse clicks. This is not only a game but even a relaxing strategy for the mind when you are stressed out.

What does CPS mean in Minecraft?

If you desire to undergo a CPS tester in Minecraft then you need to register with a click per second which means whether you click for 4 CPS or 8 CPS, all result in the same amount of hits. Majorly, there are four major types of Minecraft PvP gaming.

  • Extremely slow clicking: If you click on 1 – 3 CPS which results in a problem in clicking. The mission is the make the registered clicks as there is no logic to click slowly until you have the motive to chase-hitting someone with great speed!
  • Moderate slow clicking:  If you go with 4 -7 CPS then it turns to be OKAY to PvP. The benefit of clicking slowly means that one can steadily aim while PvPing and do not need to bother about trying an early carpel tunnel by making the handshake like crazy.
  • Moderately high clicking: If on click on 8 – 13 CPS then things are going to turn complicated and you do not get the opportunity to enjoy more benefit when you are clicking with your shaking hands.
  • Extremely fast clicking: Things get more complicated with the click on the 14+ CPS. This is considered a weird advantage over others. While fighting with someone and hitting someone, you need to sprint a “break”. But when one starts with an extreme hit on the players then get more options to “Reach” the target.

How to calculate click per second?

Click per second is nothing but the calculation of the frequency of the click made by the players. It can be calculated or measured by the click divided by seconds taken for clicking. Click per second opts to be one of the fundamental things that appear to be seriously followed by gamers who desired to become proactive to achieve their dream game and turn into unbeatable. But, when the one you look for improvement in the click per second then you need to acquire serious and regular practice. At our website, you get the opportunity to practice regularly to become a pro in clicking turns. We guarantee you that if you are going to practice regularly just for 10 minutes then for sure you are going to make a pro entry in the dream game.

Salient features of the website:

  • User-friendly interface that is operational on any device you own.
  • Provided with various timeframe variations that begin from 1-seconds test to 100-second test.
  • It is the most secured application in comparison to other apps.
  • Provide an unlimited chance for practicing and performing better than the previous attempt.

Recommendation for better clicking:

To enhance your clicking technique, you need to follow the below-mentioned techniques:

  • The best option is a gaming mouse in comparison to a regular one as well as even the need to avoid a laptop trackpad.
  • Need to start practicing with clicking techniques such as Jitter clicking and butterfly clicking
  • You need to apply the change in the mouse setting just by adjusting its sensitivities.
  • Enjoy playing shooting games and even give maximum try to shoot with the maximum speed.

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